Friday, May 18, 2012

Justice League #9

So here's the score for the first nine issues of the new Justice League: an ok first issue, a strong five issues after that as the team's (new) origin is revealed, a couple of good fillers, and then there's issue, which is mostly blah.

Oh, I'm confident the next story arc will be an interesting one, and this issue follows the Geoff Johns / Jim Lee format (so far) of a slow start building up to a strong finish, but it's tough to be enthused when the comic is all setup and not much else.

There's plenty of mystery afoot, as we meet this arc's villain (I think) at the beginning, we have flashbacks to moments of angst in the young lives of our heroes (for no particular reason) and we have villains being attacked for mysterious reasons.

The only thing that isn't mysterious is Batman calling on Superman for some help when facing a mob of villains. If Superman was my pal, I'd call him everytime I got in a fight.

Even the Shazam backup gets an "Incomplete" score, because we just get a few glimpses of Billy's school life, he gathers some new antagonists (right out of the Afterschool Special handbook) and we see what his nemesis-to-be is up to.

I have faith that it'll all lead somewhere interesting, but for this issue, faith is about all I've got.

Grade: B-


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