Sunday, May 13, 2012

Green Lantern #9

I have to admit that I'm impressed when a writer manages to surprise me.

I've been reading comics for over (ulp!) 50 years now, so many comics seem like just more of the same - but not this issue of Green Lantern.

We finally get the answer to the mysterious origin of the Indigo Lantern Corps, and it's one I certainly didn't see coming. (We even find out what the strange word "Nok" means!)

Green (Hal Jordan) Lantern is up against the wall, because he wears a green ring created by Sinestro - and Sinestro is now under the control of the mysterious Indigo tribe.

That sends Hal on a journey to discover the power source behind the Indigos - and I won't reveal any more for fear of taking away from a good story, but it's a surprising twist.

Doug Mahnke (who should be the latest superstar, based on his excellent craftsmanship on this series) does his usual stellar job on pencils here, though I'm surprised to see four inkers listed in the credits. That seems to be an ongoing condition in this series, and that doesn't help maintain consistency in the artwork.

A heck of a story and a strong cliffhanger to lead us into the next chapter.

Grade: A-



StupendousGal22 said...

I personally do not think the Green Lantern comic is strong enough! It deserves a B+

Chuck said...

Stupendous Gal, I actually went back and forth between a B+ and an A-. I finally decided the revelations in the story boosted it enough for the higher score - but I do think they need to take a break from the alternate Lantern Corps stories for a while.