Thursday, May 24, 2012

Batman Inc. #1

Back again after a brief Bat-hiatus is writer Grant Morrison guiding Bruce (Batman) Wayne and son Damien (Robin) Wayne in Batman Incorporated.

I like the basic concept, with Batman organizing and leading a sort of "Batmen of Many Nations" team of heroes. They're all gathering in Gotham City to face the impending threat of a group known as Leviathan, which plots to take over the business of crime in that beleaguered city.

I feel a bit torn on the issue, because it has some clever bits of business, a deadly game targeting Robin, and an interesting (if combative) relationship between father and son - but it also just drips (literally) with extreme violence and graphic situations set in a slaughterhouse - nasty business.

The art is by Chris Burnham, and while some of it is quite good - I really like the double-page splash at the top of the issue, for example - but there's also an unseemly amount of blood on display. But Burnham seems to be channeling Frank Quitely, and doing quite well by him.

To be honest, I haven't decided if I like Batman Inc. or not. It all feels just a bit too much like a Vertigo book - not really my favorite take on the Dark Knight.

This issue ends on a solid cliffhanger, so I'll be back to see this opening story arc through - but if the stories continue to be this lurid, I won't be sticking around past that.

Grade: B



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