Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Avengers - The Movie

Marvel Studios has a good run of superhero movies going.

Iron Man, Thor and Captain America all starred in excellent, entertaining movies (even Iron Man II had its moments, though it wasn't up to the other three) - but now all those have been pushed aside by the best superhero movie yet: The Avengers.

I can't remember any movie in recent years that I enjoyed more - in fact, I can't wait to go see it again, if just to catch all the comments I missed because I was laughing too loud.

And that's the secret of the film's success - it plays the characters straight, gives them all important bits of business to attend to, and infuses the whole thing with humanity and a terrific sense of humor.

It tells the story of the gathering of the team to confront the menace of Loki, who plans to lead a devastating attack on the Earth.

It's also the first time the Hulk has been used to full effect - here Bruce Banner is not a victim or a whiner - he's a man who occasionally loses control. And what a delight to see all these characters really cut loose.

This one gets my highest recommendation!

Grade: A+


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