Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Twelve #12 (of 12)

With this issue we finally reach the end of this maxi-series, and it's a (mostly) satisfactory wrap-up to this story about 12 heroes who were put into suspended animation during World War II and reawakened in the present.

Last issue was actually the climax of the story, as the surviving members of the team confronted the one behind several mysterious murders.

This issue is dedicated to wrapping up all the loose ends, providing one final origin story and putting an ending to things.

It's mostly successful with this, although any issue like this is always something of a letdown - it's just the nature of such things.

Looking back at the overall series, though, I have to say that I enjoyed The Twelve a lot - it wove some interesting stories around some Golden Age characters I wasn't familiar with, gave them added dimension and new purpose.

Fans of a few of the characters might not feel the same, since some of the characters didn't fare well here - but overall, I though it was well done.

Kudos to writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Chris Weston for their outstanding work - a bit of a wait for those of us buying the individual issues, but it should be an even more solid package in collected form.


Grade: A-


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