Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Lantern #8

In creating the various colored Lantern Corps that now populate the Green Lantern comics, writer Geoff Johns spelled out the motivations behind most of them - but the Indigo Corps remained a mystery.

The group seemed benevolent, but recent activities have brought that into question.

As this issue begins, both Hal Jordan and Sinestro have been captured and imprisoned by the Indigos - and while Sinestro faces indoctrination, Hal confronts one of his oldest enemies, Black Hand, who had led the Black Lantern Corps, and has been part of the Indigo Corps since the end of the Blackest Night event.

Here we uncover some more information about the Indigos - but an even bigger mystery presents itself.

I admit that I've been feeling some burnout with the "other" Lantern Corps, since their stories have been omnipresent in this title - but the mystery introduced here certainly holds great promise.

Artist Doug Mahnke continues to quietly do spectacular work on this title, though I'm not sure if the "army of inkers" approach provides the best consistency. Still, excellent work here.

I still hope we'll get a break from the Lantern stories - it would be nice to see one focus on Hal Jordan, who's been sharing the spotlight generously in his own title. But if we must focus on other colors in the spectrum, we can be glad that the stories are entertaining.

Grade: B+

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