Monday, April 23, 2012

The Avengers #25

It occurs to me that I could almost do a daily review of an Avengers-related comic, as Marvel cranks up the machine to get ready for the upcoming movie.

This issue faces the tried-and-true problem of "how to deal with the fact that the entire team is involved in the big event rolling out in Avengers vs. X-Men?"

The answer this time around is to crank up the flashback machine, as the majority of the issue is handed over to the business of dealing with the leftover story threads from the recently-wrapped return of Norman Osborn.

So it's largely an action-fest, as scads of Avengers take on armies of AIM minions.

Not a lot of brainwork involved for the reader in this story by Brian Bendis, but it is fun, and there are a few nice character moments.

I especially enjoy the addition of artist Walter Simonson - a longtime favorite of mine, whose powerful and kinetic art capture the chaotic battle nicely.

Bendis also places a few nods to the Simonson fans out there, which are much appreciated.

So, it doesn't have much to do with "AvX" (other than a nifty splash page), but it is mighty entertaining.

I wonder how they'll cover the event problem next month?

Grade: A-


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