Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wonder Woman #7

I really don't want to be a fan of this new version of Wonder Woman.

It's all about perception. In my mind, this is a character that should be accessible to all ages.

Instead, the stories are grim, dark and grisly, exposing the seamy underbelly of the myths that form the foundation of Wonder Woman's life.

But despite that, and my general feeling that I would hate for a young girl to be handed this comic to read by an unsuspecting adult, I have to admit - I'm really enjoying this series.

This issue continues Diana's attempts to find a way to cope with the machinations of the Greek gods - and rescue a woman who is in great peril. New characters are introduced, more secrets are revealed and WW gets to show why her lasso is a potent weapon.

I really like the artwork by Cliff Chiang - it's unique and distinct, telling the story with a clean and precise style that's visually arresting.

So, great comic, but don't hand it over to the kiddies unless you're looking to expand their education into grownup territories.

But for those of us old enough to handle it, highly recommended!

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...

There SHOULD be a Wonder Woman title for kids, and especially girls. There's a vast potential audience that DC is turning its back on. But they seem to have no interest in courting a NEW upcoming readership, so they continue to produce books for a shrinking niche audience. Any other company with a business plan like that would have closed up shop a long time ago.
And, as well-crafted as this issue may be, this is NOT the Wonder Woman that her creator brought to life decades ago. WW was strong, loving, life-affirming. This 'new' WW is a product of a murderous slave society...and a morally bankrupt publisher.

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Sam, I agree. The thing about the "new" Wonder Woman's new origin is: how can she not know these facts? She doesn't know where Amazon babies come from? That the gods of mythology are a murderous and childish bunch? It's fine that DC creates this comic, but it would certainly be nice to see a version for kids (ditto for Batman and Superman, for that matter).