Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #1

Glad to see this series back again!

Assuming Rocketeer Adventures 2 is another four-issue mini-series, combined with the first volume, we'll have seen more stories starring the high-flying hero by assorted writers and artists than creator Dave Stevens managed to create. (Of couse, he was focused on quality, not quantity.)

IDW has once again lined up an all-star creative cast to pitch in three 8-page tales, along with a cover and pinup.

Behind that terrific Darwyn Cooke cover we start with "The Good Guys," a rural adventure that finds our hero at the mercy of a humble group of folks who must decide what to do with the vigilante who's dropped into their community. Nice story by Marc Guggenheim and wonderful art by Sandy Plunkett.

The second feature is "The Ducketeer," a cartoonish adventure of sorts that goes for laughs. Written by Peter David and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz, it's the least of the bunch. The art (while excellent) doesn't quite work for the story. It's too stylized and not, well, cartoonish enough.

The final story, "A Dream of Flying," is a rare "real world" story by Stan Sakai (who usually spends his time with samauri rabbits). It's a little too similar to the first chapter in terms of story, but manages a very clever twist that'll make you smile.

The issue wraps with an awesome pinup by Art Adams incorporating a certain pretty girl, our hero and a dinosaur.

So, a great package bringing the rocket-powered hero to life, as rendered by some of the industry's top talents - great stuff!

Grade: B+


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