Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fathom: Kiani #0

Death is almost always a mistake in comics.

I know, there have been great stories that revolved around the death of a character - but anytime that character achieves any kind of popularity, at some point the company will try to figure out a way to bring that character back from the grave.

(See: almost every character in comics.)

For the most recent example, take a look at this issue #0 that explains how Kiani, a warrior who was killed by the beautiful Fathom some time back, manages to stop being dead.

It's a bit of a stretch (as such things always are), but the story by Vince Hernandez accomplishes its goal - namely, setting up the next storyline based around Kiani.

The art is by Oliver Nome, and it's very good. He's especially good at drawing beautiful women in tiny bathing suits, which is the perfect skill for this series. But he also crafts an exotic world to set the story in, and fills it with vivid characters.

I'm not sure this story makes a lot of sense if you're not up on the events in past issues of Fathom, but it brings you up to speed quickly.

If you can buy the reasoning behind Kiani's resurrection (and I've seen lots sillier explanations over the years), then this is well worth tracking down.

Grade: B+


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