Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dead Man's Run #2

This is a hell of a comic.

Or at least it's set in Hell, although it turns out that the afterlife isn't what you might have expected.

But Dead Man's Run isn't about religion (as near as I can tell) - it's more of an escape flick.

In the first issue we met Sam Tinker, a prison guard who dies and finds himself in Hell - which looks remarkably like a prison.

But Sam has a secret ability. As a cartographer, he has the ability to instantly memorize an map - and he gets a glimpse of the map of Hell.

But to escape, he'll have to forge alliances and overcome some incredible obstacles. (Apparently you can die again in Hell.)

The story by Greg Pak moves along briskly, but there are a couple of potential problems with the comic: we're in Sam's corner, but the rest of his supporting cast is difficult to get behind (not the best class of people in Hell, I suppose); and some of the transitions seem a bit abrupt and even nonsensical. His escape from the jail, for example, seems terribly... convenient. But those are minor complaints.

The art by Tony Parker is outstanding, running the range from dark and deadly to bright and action-packed.

It's the kind of comic where anything can happen - any character might live, die, betray the others or end up being the hero. Should be great fun to see what happens!

Grade: A-


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