Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Comics Today

Here's what I picked up today:

- Batman #7 - The secret of the Owls!

- DC Presents #7 - More Challengers of the Unknown!

- Fear Itself: Fearless #11 (of 12) - No one expects the Sleeper!

- John Carter: Gods of Mars #1 - Great movie!

- Justice League #7 - Jim Lee takes a break.

- Memorial #4 - This has been good so far.

- Rocketeer Adventures 2 #1 - Great lineup of talent!

- Wonder Woman #7 - Shocking surprises!

My shop didn't get its order of Invincible Iron Man, so I missed that one.

And I received a pdf of Fathom #5 - Mayhem undersea!

And that's it!


Anonymous said...

- Haven't seen a comment in a while so I just want to say thank you for your continued reviews! I can't buy all these books unfortunately but I appreciate hearing about them, especially the older ones.
Continue the great work! (And I must slip in that I'm excited to hear your take on Wonder Woman?)

Chuck said...

Nomad, thanks! I'm planning to review the latest Wonder Woman in the next day or two. (And here's the short version - a great comic, but not for little kids.)