Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Avengers #24.1

I've been a fan of The Vision since his first appearance in The Avengers back in the Roy Thomas / John Buscema era.

So I was none too happy when the sythezoid / android was destroyed at the beginning of Brian Bendis' run on the Avengers. Now that Bendis is near the end of his long run on the series, he's finally restored The Vision to his old self - just in time for the return of the Scarlet Witch over in Avengers vs. X-Men #0.

This story takes place before that issue, as The Vision learns about the events that led up to his destruction - and then goes out to track down some of the people who were involved.

Which leads us to several emotional moments for The Vision - and perhaps we see why Bendis wrote him out of the series, because nowhere in here does he behave like his old, analytical self (or the looser, more human character he later became).

Here he's depicted as a child, blundering from one encounter to another in a weepy, angry, aimless manner.

The story may be a letdown, but the art by Brandon Peterson is wonderful. The double-page spread recounting the "death" of The Vision is stunning. The book is worth picking up for the art.

It seems like this issue is missing the point of the "Point" books. I thought they were supposed to be an entry point for new readers to get caught up on modern continuity.

There's nothing in this issue that you can't get in A vs X #0. Sad but true.

Grade: B


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