Thursday, March 8, 2012

Action Comics #7

You have to give writer Great Morrison credit - he seems to have no fear (at least when it comes to writing comics).

He starts with a depowered Superman. At the end of issue #5, Morrison recreated the classic story of Metropolis being shrunken and kidnapped by Brainiac. After a slight detour for the past two issues, this one picks up with Superman on Earth - this story takes place five years ago, but he still hasn't learned how to fly - and Brainiac up in space.

His method for closing the gap is - well, frankly, it's kinda silly - but it works. Morrison walks a fine line even more in his depiction of Brainiac (or his master, we're not sure which) as the ultimate collector, with all the good and bad elements that might hold for comic book fans.

The story has some odd turns, as it focuses for a bit on some supporting characters in Metropolis - but mostly it's a good examination about a hero facing overwhelming odds.

The art continues to soar under the skillful pencil of Rags Morales and the pen of inker Rick Bryant. Great layouts, wonderful characters, lots of energy and animation - great stuff!

There's also a nice little backup feature about Steel's efforts to save what's left of Metropolis.

This continues to be my favorite title in DC's "New 52" - it's creative, impossible to predict and clever, with terrific artwork.

A "win" all the way around!

Grade: A-


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