Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Twelve #9 (of 12)

It's always funny - and a bit sad - when a creative team so completely jumps the tracks that we must wait years between issues (we forgive you, Camelot 3000).

The last regular issue of The Twelve was published in October of... anyone want to guess the year?

Go ahead.

OK, ready?

The correct answer is... 2008. So almost three-and-a-half years later, we're finally getting to the final four issues in this series.

If you want a good laugh, here's my prophetic statement from the end of my review of The Twelve #8:
"The real shame is that we only have four more issues to enjoy - it'll be over far too soon."
Ha! Can I call 'em or what?

Luckily, this has been a series that's worth a bit of a wait. It focuses on a dozen heroes who fought in World War II, were captured and put in suspended animation, to be revived in the modern day world.

Each one has a unique story and faces heart-wrenching challenges. With great writing by J. Michael Straczynski and fantastic art by Chris Weston, fans have been hanging on to see what happens next.

The answer is: death, mystery and grim revelations. The focus is on The Blue Blade and the robot Electro, but lots of stories are bubbling nicely here.

Amazingly, the story all came back to me without having to re-read the series - which is a good sign about how entertaining it is.

I'm so glad to see this series back again, I can forgive the long delay. Almost.

Grade: A-



Glen Davis said...

I bailed after the first issue when Dynamic Man's only character development was being a bigot.

Chuck said...

Well, that's taken some interesting turns, but I can understand how you feel - I'm not crazy about it when they take heroes I like and give them clay feet (Hal Jordan being my favorite example).