Friday, February 10, 2012

Kevin Keller #1

So I decided to pick up this issue and get my first look at Kevin Keller, the newest inhabitant of the Archieverse (Riverdale, to be more exact).

I mentioned this comic to two friends who aren't big comics fans. I said, "I picked up this comic Kevin Keller." They both said these exact words: "Oh, the gay Archie."

So it's good to see that the marketing people have done their work well.

This comic is groundbreaking in one important way - I believe it's the first ongoing comic book to star a gay character.

Kevin is presented as being no different from any of the other Riverdale kids. He's clean-cut, has a normal family (whatever that is) with loving parents and two younger sisters. He enjoys writing, he was elected class president, he's handsome, charming and sincere. And he has a good sense of humor. What's not to like?

This first issue, written and drawn by the great Dan Parent, introduces the character to those of us who missed his earlier appearances. Kevin isn't perfect, though - he has at least one failing. When he gets nervous, he becomes clumsy and stupid (just like Archie) - leading to some good laughs.

It's a fun, bright issue that fits right in - in style, tone and content - with every other Archie comic in recent memory, so it's well worth picking up.

One hopes that we're getting very close to the day when having a gay character won't make headlines - it'll just be a regular part of life. The good news is, with efforts like this, that day is getting closer all the time.

Grade: B+



Anonymous said...

Do you know any gay people? They are nothing like this character.

Chuck said...

Anon, yes I do. And you're right, they're nothing like Kevin Keller.

But then, I also know lots of teens who are nothing like Archie, Jughead, Betty or Veronica. And I have yet to find anyone in comics like me (the closest is probably Irving Forbush) - but I'll keep looking.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I am just like Kevin Keller!