Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daredevil #9

Writer Mark Waid has quietly managed to turn Daredevil into one of the best comics in Marvel's lineup (and some months, it's "the" best).

He's managed that by taking the character back to his roots, pruning away some of the recent developments that just don't work, and using some classic villains in new and unusual ways.

So let's examine those points:

BACK TO HIS ROOTS - In his original version, Daredevil was a joking, freewheeling crimefighter who used his heightened senses and athletic skills to fight the bad guys. As Matt Murdock, he would defend those criminals in court. Today, that's pretty much what you're getting here, although as a lawyer Matt has to be a bit trickier in how he helps others these days.

PRUNING AWAY RECENT DEVELOPMENTS THAT DIDN'T WORK - At least they didn't work for me. Those include Daredevil being humorless, brutal and even murderous. The fact that Matt's secret identity has been revealed is used more for humor than anything else. Foggy is back to being an effective partner and friend (with some comic relief thrown in).

USING CLASSIC VILLAINS: A recent story used Klaw, and this time around it's the Mole Man who has sent his Moloids on an odd mission - they're stealing caskets from graves, including the one holding the remains of Daredevil's father.

The story is well served by the artwork by Paolo and Joe Rivera. It's moody, dark and rather horrific (intentionally, I should add).

So if you haven't made your way back to Daredevil yet, I understand - I went away for a while, too. But now's a good time to come back and see what you've been missing.

Some great superhero comics to be found here.

Grade: A-



Tom Badguy said...

Damn, I need to get into Daredevil. Good review.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Tom! I recommend the first collection, recently released - it's a good'un!