Monday, February 27, 2012

All Star Western #6

I've somehow overlooked this new home for Jonah Hex, but All Star Western continues the tradition of strong storytelling from the previous run.

The twist this time around from writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray is that Hex's adventures are set in Gotham City - and while it's the wrong time frame for Batman to appear, there are more than a few bat references (and menaces) to go around.

Jonah is out to solve the mystery of the disappearance of several children and to track down the men behind the plot.

It's a solid story, with loads of violence and retribution to deal out.

I like the art by Moritat - he has a unique style. It's dark and scratchy and kinetic - a perfect fit for the story.

There's also a backup feature by the same writing team with art by Phil Winslade. The Barbary Ghost is your basic revenge story, but it's a solid one, and the Ghost (I believe she's a new character) is a strong addition to DC's Western lineup.

This creative team has had a long, strong run on Hex, and it continues here - and given the guest stars who appear on the last page of the Hex story, the future should be very interesting.

Grade: B+


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