Monday, January 2, 2012

Captain America #6

It's nice to see Captain America getting the red carpet treatment.

His adventures have been elevated by the excellent writing efforts of Ed Brubaker for years now, and of course Cap was the star of an entertaining feature film last year.

That led to the relaunch of his original title as Captain America & Bucky (retaining the original numbering of Cap's comic) - also an excellent comic - and the creation of a "new" Captain America comic.

The first story arc was drawn (mostly) by Steve McNiven, another terrific artist, and beginning with this issue, Alan Davis and Mark Farmer are supplying the art.

I've raved before about their work, and it's just as powerful as ever here. Clean, dynamic art, with heroic figures, great action sequences, sexy women, strong layouts - just a joy to see.

Brubaker is also more than holding up his end of the creative chores, as Cap is suffering from nightmares as a result of his recent adventure in another dimension - and more than one old menace returns to threaten Cap and his allies.

And one device that's at the heart of the threat, I must admit, made me smile. A lot.

This is very much a modern version of a classic Marvel comic, with strong writing and great artwork. It's great fun and highly recommended!

Grade: A


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