Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonder Woman #4

It's interesting to see how the mythological gods are portrayed in fiction. Sometimes they're heroic, sometimes omniscient or evil or virtually mortal.

For the "New 52" version of Wonder Woman, the answer is: they're a petty, venal bunch of powerful children.

Their motivations are somewhat mysterious, but they apparently are willing to kill any number of humans to find - or extract revenge on - their missing ruler, Zeus.

The issue mostly focuses on the gods and their surprising moves. Having received some shocking news last issue, Diana spends most of the issue in contemplation...

... and there's not much else to be said about this issue without giving away key parts of the story.

I'm enjoying this series so far - writer Brian Azzarello has created a fresh, horror-based take on these mythical characters, and he's charted a new course and a new character for Wonder Woman.

I really like Cliff Chaing's art - it's striking, intense, emotional and original - perfectly suited to this dark tale.

This is a comic the gods might not be crazy about - they aren't exactly shown in the best light - but the mortals out there should enjoy it.

Grade: A-

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