Monday, December 5, 2011

Spaceman #2 (of 9)

This Vertigo comic is one of the oddest science fiction comics around.

Set in a dark, twisted future, Spaceman focuses on Orson, a man whose body was altered to allow him to function on a mission to Mars.

But when the mission ends, he returns to a world that has no place for him - so he spends his time fishing for materials in the ocean.

His latest excursion unexpectedly lands him in the middle of a kidnapping scheme. It's an odd tale that jumps back and forth from his memories of his dangerous mission to Mars to his "present day" life on Earth.

Written by Brian Azzarello, the story offers some interesting commentary on today's world - and I really like the unique style of language he's invented for this series.

I like Eduardo Risso's art - it has a Kubert feel to it, but it's very naturalistic and engaging.

This is a comic for adults - some rough language and violence here - but so far, I'm enjoying it. It's a challenge to sort out the story, but all the more rewarding for it.

Grade: B+


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