Saturday, December 10, 2011


I was going to start this review by wondering if I was the only comics reader who liked OMAC - but after this issue I'm not even sure about me.

It's a series that has been getting middling reviews, little notice from the fans and (reportedly) low sales.

I enjoyed the first three issues for their general action-packed, leave-your-brain-at-the-door attitude - but with the fourth issue, that's wearing a bit thin.

The idea is that the satellite computer / sentient creature known as Brother Eye can somehow transform humble Kevin Kho into the hulking, blue-skinned fighting machine known as OMAC (which now stands for One-Machine Attack Construct). (I prefer the original One Man Army Corps, but that's just me.)

As we see in this issue, Kho is a virtual slave to Brother Eye, and even when he finds a way to fight back against the machine's control, he winds up in even deeper trouble.

But Dan Didio's story just keeps hitting the same notes, as Kho encounters a powerful menace, is transformed and, well, OMAC smashes! After four issues of the same plot, my interest is fading fast.

I'm a fan of Keith Giffen's art, but even it looks a bit "off" with this issue. Could he be adjusting his style to make it more mainstream? That would be a real shame - I loved his work on the first three issues.

So hopefully we'll see some expansion of the characters and the plot in the near future. If not, don't expect OMAC to hang around much longer.

Grade: B-


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