Sunday, December 18, 2011

The New Avengers #19

I like that cover, but that scene doesn't happen anywhere in this comic book.

That's because it's an issue that spends its time setting up... next issue.

As the issue begins, the New Avengers have somehow survived the massive explosion that ended last issue. I say "somehow" because no effort is made to explain it - they just dig themselves out of the rubble of Tony Stark's lab as though that sort of thing happens all the time.

We get some side stories with Daredevil, the newest member of the team. We get some insight into the new Dark Avengers lineup. We learn about a possible spy, although I trust there are some twists ahead for that plotline - because if not, it's all way too obvious.

We also get some of the patented fun patter between the members of the New Avengers - a virtual trademark for a Brian Bendis-written story. We get the usual terrific art by Mike Deodato.

And that's about it. No real action, just pouring the foundation for future stories.

Bendis recently announced he's planning to retire from the Avengers after he wraps up the ongoing stories - and as much as I've enjoyed his run on the various Avengers titles, you almost get the sense that he's running out of gas here.

He's gone back to the well again to bring back the Dark Avengers, a group I wasn't that crazy about the first time around. Maybe it's time for a fresh approach.

Grade: B-


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