Thursday, December 22, 2011

Justice League #4

This issue of Justice League accomplishes a couple of important things: it finally brings the entire team together (or at least the original core of the group), and it marks another successful step in establishing Aquaman as a serious, intelligent, capable, don't-mess-with-this-guy kinda hero.

The first accomplishment we can be grateful for, since it's been more than four months since the title launched - but it's great to see the group together.

The second one I have mixed feelings about. I've been a fan of Aquaman since my earliest days reading comics, and have not enjoyed the fact that he's been made into the butt of jokes by lame comedians. But the solution employed here and in his own title is to make him brutal, angry and aggressive. Some of that is fine, but it goes over the line a bit here. He's awfully quick to employ what should be the final option.

But he does get to show his leadership skills, which are effective while the other heroes are still getting their bearings.

The story by Geoff Johns really kicks into gear here, as he has fun with some of the characterizations, and we finally meet the opposition - and it is quite formidable.

The art by Jim Lee is terrific, as always, with lots of big, hoo-hah events, great character designs and over-the-top action scenes.

After a slow start, this thing is picking up speed nicely.

Grade: A-


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