Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hawken #2

Someone more clever than I will have to explain why horror and westerns fit together so well.

Perhaps it's because it was a raw period in the nation's history (at least as it's portrayed in popular fiction), where human life was cheap and atrocities were commonplace.

That's certainly the kind of story being spun here by writer Benjamin Truman, as the grizzled man named Hawken seeks revenge on a mysterious group that has vast, terrifying resources at its disposal.

I should mention that this isn't a comic for young readers - it's brutal, vulgar and grim as can be. It's also very entertaining, in the same way the best spaghetti westerns manage - by telling a no-holds-barred tale of a brutal time.

You'll have a tough time finding any heroes in this series - no angels here - but it is compelling. We also learn a bit more about the title character and the burden he carries (though there's still plenty of mystery there, too).

Once again, the art by Timothy Truman is fantastic. He has a unique style that's perfectly suited to this kind of tale.

Again, it's a story that's just for grownups - but if you enjoy a good revenge flick, this is your kind of comic.

Grade: A-


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