Monday, December 12, 2011

Fear Itself: The Fearless #4 (of 12)

This comic has apparently been assembled by committee, with three plotters, a scripter (Cullen Bunn), two pencilers (Paul Pelletier and Mark Bagley), two inkers and a pile of editors.

Given that, you'd expect Fear Itself: The Fearless to be a mess - but it's actually OK. Not outstanding, but OK.

The story has the Valkyrie traveling the world to gather up the mystic hammers left behind by the Serpent after the Fear Itself mini-series.

But evil forces are also on the hunt - most especially the Red Skull's daughter Sin and her second-in-command, Crossbones.

The Earth's heroes are also trying to stop Valkyrie, and for mysterious reasons she refuses to reveal why she's tracking down the hammers. That way, of course, we can have more sequences of Valkyrie fighting her former friends. It's the Marvel way.

It's nice to see the Valkyrie getting some time in the spotlight, but the story seems a bit too predictable. Should I be shocked when Sin manages to gather the hammers together for whatever evil purpose she has in mind, only to be defeated at the last moment by Earth's heroes? Or am I being too cynical?

I enjoy the art, the covers by Art Adams are terrific, and the dialogue is fine, but the series just seems to be taking the long way around to get to the point.

Hopefully I'm wrong - but I fear the story is going to fail because there have been too few surprises.

Grade: B-


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