Saturday, December 24, 2011

Batman #4

(Sorry to be running late - I blame all the crazy holiday family fun!)

This comic continues to be a solid read, as Batman finds himself up against a Gotham City myth that is apparently based in truth.

This issue starts with a blazing escape from a death-trap, moves into a crime thriller as Bruce Wayne tries to unravel a mystery, touches on the relationship between Bruce and Dick Grayson, and launches Batman against the Court of Owls - an organization that may have been running Gotham for centuries.

In other words, this story touches on some of my favorite elements - Batman as escape artist, detective, crime-fighter and, yes, family man.

It's a great balancing act being managed by writer Scott Snyder, and so far it's been compelling.

I also like the art by Greg Capullo, whjo captures the dark look of Gotham, the action sequences, the personal connections with equal skill.

Just a terrific comic, and a good, fresh look at a classic character. Recommended!

Grade: A-

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