Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wonder Woman #3

It's always a trick to include the mythological gods in a comic book.

Sometimes they seem more like superheroes than godlike figures. Other times they're more like petty children, or even worse, mere villains.

Writer Brian Azzarello is walking that line in Wonder Woman, and so far, he seems to have a good handle on it.

The gods we've seen so far are either terrible in their vengeance, mysterious is the purpose, or whimsical and quite destructive. They don't seem mortal at all - and it remains to be seen if they have any moral side, as well.

This issue takes us to Paradise Island, where Diana learns some long-hidden secrets, and makes a decision that may affect her life forever.

It's almost too heavy-handed in places, but Azzarello is cleverly setting up the character to make more sense in the "real" world, and to give Wonder Woman a reason to live in the land of mortals.

I really like Cliff Chiang's art here. Lots of emotions are brought to the forefront and there's very little action, but the story is taut and compelling all the way through.

Some will love this story, and some will hate it, but I think it's a step in the right direction. And that's what this comic has always needed: a strong direction.

The creative team has chosen one - so now we'll see if it's one that works. Here's hoping!

Grade: A-


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