Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Supergirl #3

Three issues into the series and we know almost nothing about Supergirl, except that she somehow survived the destruction of Krypton - but she doesn't know how, either.

She arrives on Earth, is attacked by a mysterious group of men in robotic suits and finally meets her cousin, Superman - and immediately attacks him.

She's a blank slate - we don't even know if she's a good person (certainly her habit of punching first and asking questions later isn't too endearing).

This is the third issue in a row that's chock full of mindless violence, and skimpy on the character development - and frankly, it's already getting old.

I was ready to drop this series - I only picked up this issue because of the promise on the cover to reveal "The Truth About Krypton," but the only truth revealed is one the reader already knows - so it's a bit of a cheat.

The strongest thing about the comic is the artwork by Mike Johnson. He has a fresh, breezy style, and it seems like a good fit for this comic.

But the story just seems to be floundering, as the plot just takes us from one fight scene to the next. I'm all for action-packed comics, but I'd like a little more story squeezed in along the way.

Grade: B-


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