Thursday, November 17, 2011

Justice League #3

So in case you were wondering, here's what the Justice League comic is all about: lots of action, heroes "meeting cute," and that's about it.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

With the third issue, most of the characters are in place, drawn together by a menace worthy of a gathering of powerful heroes: an alien army is sending waves of invaders to locations all over the world.

These Parademons are strong, dangerous and numerous. But, like Nazis, they make great villains - set dozens of them up so the heroes can knock 'em down, rinse and repeat.

OK, so the plot isn't much. But we are meeting the heroes who will eventually be members of the team, getting some insight into their personalities, how they interact with each other, and what their missions are.

The focus here is on Wonder Woman, and she's much more along the lines of the lighthearted Darwyn Cooke version (if not quite so over the top).

So far (aside from the anemic first issue), the team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee have been hitting on all burners.

They're taking their sweet time getting us to the big reveal of the (obvious) big bad, but they're getting there with lots of energy and humor. That last page is priceless.

What a delight to see the Justice League back at the top of DC's line. After too many years of being treated like the proverbial red-haired stepchild, its good to see this comic where it belongs - as the flagship title for the company and one of the best comics out there today.

Grade: A-


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