Sunday, November 13, 2011

Green Lantern #3

The funny thing about the Green Lantern comic since the "reboot" as part of DC's "New 52" is that the only thing that has changed is that the main character is now Sinestro, with Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan placed in a supporting role.

After the War of the Green Lanterns, Jordan was stripped of his power ring by the ever-fickle Guardians, while the villain Sinestro was awarded a green power ring.

None of this sits well with, well, any of the characters - but it's especially difficult for the yellow ring-wearing members of the Sinestro Corps.

That group has taken over Sinestro's home planet and is torturing its inhabitants - so Sinestro recruits Jordan and provides him a green power ring (of sorts).

Needless to say, theirs is an uneasy partnership, and that makes for some entertaining scenes.

Geoff Johns has created an strong story here, thankfully focusing on a couple of central characters instead of a colorful army - and he manages a heck of a cliffhanger.

The art by Doug Mahnke just gets better all the time (though I'm not sure the army of inkers is the best approach here), and whether focusing on individuals or armies of aliens, the art is always clean and powerful - reminiscent of Brian Bolland and Gary Frank.

I'm anxious to see how they resolve the ending here, and curious to see how long this "Odd Couple" of GLs continue to work together. But so far, so good!

Grade: A-


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