Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aquaman #3

So far, I'm really enjoying the new Aquaman comic.

It's managed to weed out the sillier aspects of his abilities (he doesn't talk to fish because they aren't smart enough to talk - but he can control them), make him much more powerful (nearly invulnerable, able to leap tall buildings, incredibly strong), and provide him with some interesting supporting characters, including his wife (at least I think they're married) Mera, who's an impressive fighter, too, and a mysterious scientists with links to Aquaman's childhood.

And they're up against a formidable foe - a powerful species of creatures from deep below the ocean that resemble a man-like piranha. And there's a lot of them, but their reason for attacking a small coastal town is something of a mystery.

I really like Ivan Reis' artwork on this series, with strong layouts, heroic characters and nasty-looking monsters. His style evokes "realistic" artists like Neal Adams and Brian Hitch.

The story is unfolding at a gradual rate, but that's fine - writer Geoff Johns has a lot of information to pass along, new characters and settings to establish, and (for all intents and purposes) a new hero to introduce to the readers.

So far, it's very, very good.

Grade: A


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