Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wonder Woman #2

Well, there's no doubt about it - this is not a Wonder Woman for little girls.

Last issue the Amazon Princess rescued a woman who was being attacked by two horrific monsters. This issue takes us to Paradise Island, where Diana hopes to find refuge and protection for that woman who carries a big secret.

But as the cover indicates, Diana finds herself in the middle of a deadly battle where the ancient gods have little concern for the lives of mortals - including the Amazons.

It's another gritty, grisly story by writer Brian Azzarello, but the most interesting thing about it is the confrontation between Diana and a goddess - and the (potential) revelation on the final page, which could change what we know of Wonder Woman in a significant way.

I really like the art by Cliff Chiang - the characters are expressive, the locations lush, and the action sequences are a lot of fun. His style is unique and very enjoyable, while maintaining the dark feel of the book.

I like the story, too, although it bothers me that this character that should be accessible to young readers really isn't appropriate for kids, but it seems to be the norm at DC these days.

Speaking as a grownup reader, it's interesting to see Wonder Woman traveling in some dark directions, and it's a refreshing change from the days when no one knew what to do with the character. At least now she has a mission.

Grade: A-


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