Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Voodoo #1

Ah, comic books by way of Cinemax!

That would be one way to describe the exploitative Voodoo, which manages to spend the entire comic with only the most incremental amount of story progress, yet virtually every page features naked or nearly-naked women (ok, seven pages have no naked women featured).

I know, sex sells - and that's obviously the thinking here, as we're treated to page after page of the title character dancing in a strip bar or providing a lap dance.

What we don't get is a reason to like and/or sympathize with Voodoo. She's a loner, a stripper with a dark secret but no heart of gold (like all the other strippers in this comic).

The art by Sam Basri is pleasant enough, with lots of beautiful, well-endowed women just covering up enough of their attributes to give the title a "Teen Plus" rating (whatever that means).

I really haven't decided what to think about this comic. Should I laugh at its obvious attempt to use T & A to lure in randy readers? Should I assume that future issues will explain Voodoo's dark secret and give me a reason to care about the character? Should I care about the mystery behind the government agents tracking her movements?

None of it really matters, because this is the only issue of this series I'll be picking up for the foreseeable future - and I suspect the series won't be around for long, anyway.

Sex appeal is fine, but the comic needs some kind of story to back it up - and there's just not enough here to support following this series.

Pretty pictures, though.

Grade: C+



Kyle said...

Ha! Got a huge laugh out of your Amazon ads! :)

Chuck said...

I couldn't resist! Once I got past the Moore Voodoo mini-series, I thought, "What else goes with this title?" That's the best answer I could devise. ;-)