Sunday, October 9, 2011

Justice League International #2

Beau Smith recently remarked that every creative team on a comic book should write as though they only have six issues before their comic is canceled, so the stories will have a sense of urgency.

That's good advice, but you get the sense that writer Dan Jurgens didn't get that note before taking on Justice League International.

(By coincidence, "Beau" has a cameo in this comic, although they've colored his hair grey by mistake).

After spending the first issue getting the members of the team in place, this issue the team spends its time getting smacked around by an iron giant and complaining about getting smacked around by a giant.

The issue is all setup, bringing us a brief look at the next big menace heading our way, with no clue as to who or what it is.

The art is nice. Aaron Lopresti provides strong layouts, distinctive characters and clear storytelling.

But we're two issues in and so far there's nothing about the team or its members that makes this a must-buy comic.

It might get there eventually, but right now it's slow going.

My recommendation: follow Beau's advice and pick up the pace. A lot.

Grade: B-

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