Sunday, October 23, 2011

Batman #2

One of the tricks to crafting a good Batman story is providing him with a worthy opponent.

His Rogue's Gallery is the usual place where writers go to tackle that problem, but those characters are well-worn. That's why I think writer Scott Snyder is smart to create a new challenge for the Dark Knight.

I won't spoil the identity of his opponent(s) in this issue, but it's a promising creation.

I like the fact that this series (so far) has managed a good balance between both Batman and Bruce Wayne, and the fact that Batman actually uses his detective skills to try to unravel a mystery.

But most of all, I like the vision of Batman as less the grim avenger and more the athletic daredevil, managing hair-raising stunts with a grim smile. That's the Batman I most fondly remember from the stories I read as a youth, and it's good to see that element showing up again.

The art by Greg Capullo is excellent - moody and dark, and Gotham City is a living, breathing part of the story. As with last issue, I could do with a bit less gore, but that's apparently a key part of the "New DC."

Still the best of the Bat-books by far!

Grade: A-


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Dwayne said...

I'm glad you mentioned the Bruce / Batman balance. It seemed like there would be years where Bruce Wayne wasn't even in Batman books. Definitely agreeing that this is the best new Bat-book!