Friday, October 14, 2011

Batgirl #2

Two issues in and Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon is still a hero with issues.

Mysteriously recovered from her crippling injury (by which means we have not yet discovered), she throws herself back in action as Batgirl, and in her first case... well, she looks like a rank amateur.

She's up against the powerful and mysterious Mirror, who is targeting seemingly innocent people for reasons that are impossible to discern (until he explains it all).

Throughout their battle, she comes across as virtually helpless against him, and is much worse for the wear. She solves the mystery of the Mirror with ridiculous ease, but stopping him physically is a much bigger challenge.

Writer Gail Simone provides some nice quiet moments in the comic between Barbara and her roommate, and Barbara and the guy who is her (apparent) new love interest, but the fight sequences are just clunky. She can't be expected to outmuscle brutish opponents, but she can surely out-think and outmaneuver them. Right?

The artwork by Ardian Syaf is pretty strong, although there are a few action sequences that are difficult to follow as the "camera" gets in a bit too close.

Overall, a somewhat better effort this time around, but still a long way from restoring Batgirl to the upper ranks.

First, she has to win a fight.

Grade: B


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