Monday, September 5, 2011

Rocketeer Adventures #4 (of 4)

I'm sorry to see the Rocketeer Adventures mini-series ends with this issue, but hopefully the run has been enough of a success to bring additional stories in the future.

If so, I hope they'll tackle some longer stories - after four issues of 8-page stories, it'd be nice to see one with a bit more meat on its bones.

Like the previous editions, the issue features some all-star talent, including an Alex Ross cover and one by Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens, interior art by Scott Hampton, Tony Harris and Brenden McCarthy, pinups by Ashley Wood, and stories written by Dave Gibbons, Joe Pruett and John Arcudi.

It's a fun mix of stories about Hawaiian legends, invading subs and a female version of the Rocketeer!

The series has been a great tribute to the talent of Stevens, and hopefully it's not our final sighting of his greatest creation.

Yes, I'm talking about Betty. But it'll be nice to see the Rocketeer again, too.

Grade: B+



Dwayne said...

A Rocketeer cover by Alex Ross without Betty is almost a waste.

Chuck said...

I wouldn't go quite that far, but I agree, I'd much prefer to see both characters on the cover.