Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Incredible Hulks #635

The adventures of the Incredible Hulk have to be a challenge for the writer - what do you do with a giant, green-skinned, unstoppable engine of destruction?

A few writers have tackled that challenge and created some innovative, lasting stories: co-creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas, Bill Mantlo, Peter David and Roger Stern leap to mind. But to that list you can add another excellent writer: Greg Pak.

With this issue he wraps up a run of more than five years on this series, which started with the epic Planet Hulk series. In the time since Pak has built up the Hulk Family, crafted a number of intelligent, clever stories and taken the book in unexpected directions.

And he manages the difficult task of wrapping up his series on a strong note, leaving all the pieces in place for the next writer to take off in his own direction.

This story puts the Hulk (and Bruce Banner) in the enviable position of having his dreams come true. But trust me, his dreams are not what you might expect.

The issue is loaded with over-the-top, world-shaking action, lots of plot twists, numerous Hulk supporting characters, and Fin Fang Foom! What more could you need?

The art chores for the book's two chapters are split between two excellent pencillers - Paul Pelletier and Tom Grummett - and they present two completely different kinds of stories - one loud and destructive, the other quiet and introspective.

It adds up to a great "final" issue, and leaves the next creative team with a tough act to follow.

Grade: A-


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I agree 100% Chuck - the next team will have a hard time to beat Pak and co.

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