Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flashpoint #5 (of 5)

This has to be one of the biggest issues in DC's history.

On the shoulders of Flashpoint ride the upcoming transformation of the DC Universe, the final fate of the transformed world, and the closure of (for all intents and purposes) the last 70-plus years of DC's history.

That's a lot to put on one comic book, and by that scale this issue doesn't quite get there - but it does manage to provide a satisfying conclusion to the Flashpoint series, at least.

The issue begins on a battlefield as the Atlanteans and the Amazons begin their final battle, with all of Earth's remaining super-powered characters (I would not call most of them "heroes") joining in the fight.

At the same time, the Flash and Batman finally confront the Reverse-Flash, who reveals a final plot twist (one that doesn't quite succeed in selling itself as THE CAUSE FOR EVERYTHING TO GO WRONG).

But there are lots of dramatic twists, some nice heartfelt moments and loads of big (and sometime bloody) action scenes.

It's all top-notch work by writer Geoff Johns and artist Andy Kubert (I've raved about both men many times before).

If it doesn't quite manage to be the mind-blowing trip we might have hoped for, it does provide a nice wrap-up to the recent run of DC's titles - though it makes no effort to tie the whole history together.

We're apparently getting a fresh start (of sorts) with the New 52, and time will tell whether or not the new version takes off. If not, the Flashpoint series has left a few escape hatches available so DC can return to the status quo - but barring a disaster, I'd say the future is here to stay.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the first issue for the New DC: Justice League.

Grade: A-


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