Friday, September 16, 2011

Fear Itself #6 (of 7)

For some reason Fear Itself has not been getting as much attention as most events receive - no doubt the "New 52" has diverted attention away from it.

That's a shame, because in many ways this is one of the best "events" in recent Marvel history.

The Serpent is an incredibly powerful creature from Norse mythology that has created monsters from some of Earth's most powerful characters and used them to smash all opposition.

The only one who could stand up to the menace was Thor, and on the first page of this issue we see that he's unable to walk and barely conscious. Captain America has suffered two terrible losses - Bucky, who was killed, and Cap's shield has been smashed. Iron Man in is Asgard trying to create weapons that will give humanity a chance in the final war.

That's where this issue starts, and what follows is further building of the menace - and a sense of doom around one hero, who may not survive to the end of the next issue.

The story is taut, suspenseful and powerfully written by Matt Fraction, and there are some real gems in there (Cap gets a few great moments, including facing down Odin). The only "off" note is Spider-Man's side trip, which only serves to make him seem, well, selfish.

The art is excellent as always, with Stuart Immonen doing some of his best work. Cosmic blasts, panoramic scenes, intense action and quiet, personal moments all shine here.

It's all been building nicely, and next issue should blow the doors off. If you've missed this one, you've missed an outstanding series that combines the best of modern storytelling with a classic "everything's on the line" Marvel extravaganza.

Highly recommended!

Grade: A


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