Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Retroactive 1990s: Justice League America (One-Shot)

The Retroactive series of comics seems like an odd project for DC to tackle.

The company is focusing on the Flashpoint series and the assorted mini-series and one-shots that tie into that series.

Of course, the idea is (I assume) to celebrate the history of the company, even as we stand on the edge of its (presumed) end, and the beginning of a "new era."

That's commendable, but I can't imagine the sales on this series are anything to write home about. The $5 price tag and the fact that half the comic is a reprint seems like a tough sell.

I have to admit, I've only picked up two issues - the "Mod" Wonder Woman issue, and this one, which is dedicated to the Keith Giffen - J. M. DeMatteris - Kevin Maguire incarnation of the Justice League America.

That version was a big hit with the fans because of the humor, sharp writing, fun characterization and (of course) great art by Maguire.

I couldn't pass up one more story from that team, and while it's not the best thing they've ever done, this story does stand up well, it has a few laughs and lots of great art.

The reprint in the back is from the team's last issue during the original run, and it's fitting that the blurb at the end promises "A New Beginning."

That's what we'll get on Wednesday. Time will tell if new is better. Here's hoping!

Grade: B+

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