Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Incredible Hulks #634

I'm sorry to see Greg Pak's run on The Incredible Hulk(s) coming to an end.

Like any great writer, he shook up the status quo on this title, starting with the Planet Hulk story and continuing through his final story arc, of which this is the next-to-the-last issue.

It's the fifth part of the so-called "Wishing War," which has the Hulk dealing with the unexpected results when Tyrannus' Fountain of Youth is transformed into sort of an aquatic Cosmic Cube.

But there's confusion about whose wishes are being granted, and the story seeks to sort that out, all framed with an over-the-top battle that shows what happens when the Hulk really cuts loose (answer: it ain't pretty).

It a tale full of twists, turns and unexpected revelations - all of which have become a specialty for Pak.

The art is (I assume) by Paul Pelletier (I can't seem to find the actual credits in the comic, so I'm going by the cover credits), and it's quite good, if a bit on the dark side. It's all big and loud and violent as can be.

The only thing about the issue I don't care for is the cover - the coloring gives it all a muted look, and dragon and Hulk and the rocks all blend together. I know my eyesight isn't the best, but I almost missed this issue at the store - the cover didn't jump out at all.

But I'm anxiously awaiting that final chapter, and see how Pak wraps up his run on the title - whoever follows him on this comic has some big shoes to fill!

Grade: B+


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