Friday, August 5, 2011

Flashpoint #4 (of 5)

With just one issue to go, it's time for the Flashpoint event to build to a fever pitch... but it doesn't quite happen.

Instead we get a series of quick scenes that seem to serve to keep the story dragging along until we get to the final page, and the moment we've been waiting for.

But first, The Flash, Batman and Cyborg have to gather a team of super-heroes - but almost everyone they track down is dysfunctional, surly, mentally imbalanced, or all three.

The story spends entirely too much time on gathering the forces, and then when they're together, instead of focusing on the Reverse-Flash (who's responsible for this alternate timeline), they travel to Europe to stop the continent-destroying battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

It all serves as setup for the final issue, when we'll learn how the mess that is the Flashpoint reality becomes the (hopefully) more easily-understood reality of the New DC.

The strong point in this series, as always, is the artwork by Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang - fresh, dynamic and always in service to the story, they turn in great work here.

I'm anxious to see the final issue to see how this all sorts out - but it seems like the trip to get here has taken a lot longer than it should've.

Grade: B-



Glen Davis said...

Almost the entire issue seem unnecessary. Seems they ran out of plot before they ran out of issues.

Chuck said...

Glen, exactly. You get the feeling they were trying to wrap up the stories from the assorted micro-series instead of focusing on the event. Or just stalling for time.