Saturday, August 27, 2011

FF #8

For quite a few issues of FF the story has been mostly concerned with moving all the characters into place (don't get me wrong, this has all been happening in a very entertaining manner, as you'd expect from writer Jonathan Hickman) - but with this issue, the action part of our program kicks into gear.

The four cities have gone to war, and the result is a chaotic battle that includes the return of a major character who was thought to be dead (no, not the Human Torch), the assembling of an army of super-villains, a diminished (but still potent) Fantastic Four (sorry, I mean FF) and a menace that just might destroy the world.

And that's just part of it all - we have inter-family squabbles, Reed's daughter trying again to outsmart her dad, and a scene I've been waiting for.

Dr. Doom has been treated poorly by writers in recent years - he was beaten badly - twice - killed, had his brain damaged, and forced to turn to his most bitter foe to be rehabilitated. Doom should be Marvel's most formidable foe, not a punching bag.

But in this issue - finally - we see a glimpse of the real Dr. Doom, and it's mighty satisfying - and, I suspect, just the beginning.

The art is by Steve Epting with colors by Paul Mounts, and they turn in some impressive work here, illustrating cosmic events, a cast of thousands and some Kirby-sized battles.

There are just four issues left until we (presumably) see the return of the Fantastic Four, and a story this big will no doubt take that many issues just to sort things out.

Highly recommended!

Grade: A-


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