Friday, August 19, 2011

Daredevil #2

I love it when the comics companies create stories that are exactly what I've been hoping for.

That's what we're getting with the new Daredevil, as written by Mark Waid and drawn by Paolo and Joe Rivera.

For the first time in far too long, Matt Murdock is starring in a fun comic book.

The creative team has followed the time-honored technique of going back to basics - way back, to the original version of the character: Daredevil is a happy-go-lucky, wise-cracking hero who is blind, but had his senses increased in a radiation accident that also gave him a radar sense. He is The Man Without Fear. In real life he is Matt Murdock, a brilliant attorney who often defends the super-villains he captures. His best friend and law partner is Foggy Nelson.

And that's all you need! Recent events aren't entirely forgotten, however. This issue kicks off with a terrific encounter between DD and an angry Captain America, who has decided to arrest DD for recent crimes (the less said about Shadowland the better).

Daredevil's skill at debating serves him well, and we're quickly back to the legal subplot - and we find out (sorta) the mysterious plot against his client, which features a surprising guest-villain.

I really like the artwork - it has an open, freewheeling feel that matches the (new) tone of the comic. The action scenes flow nicely, and Rivera creates some clever new ways to depict DD's view of the world.

If you're not reading this, you're missing one of Marvel's most entertaining books.

Highly recommended - especially if you have a sense of humor!

Grade: A


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