Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moon Knight #3

This new series is off to a strong start, thanks to its unique premise.

The story focuses on Moon Knight (Marc Spector), who is apparently one crazy (non-powered) super-hero.

In he first issue, we see Moon Knight talking with three fellow Avengers - Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America.

They're working together to try to bring down a new kingpin of crime in Los Angeles - or are they? The nature of the series brings almost anything Spector says or does into question.

It's a brilliant idea, but it also puts the whole series on shaky ground, as we sometimes struggle to determine what is real and what is in the hero's fevered imagination.

After a strong and surprising first two issues, this one is a bit off the mark. Writer Brian Bendis is well known for creating strong dialogue, but that fills up far too much of this issue, which is dedicated to Spector putting together his support team.

The artwork by Alex Maleev is, as always, distinctive, inventive and a pure delight. It's especially impressive since the issue is almost completely made up of quiet scenes - discussions, meetings, that sort of thing.

Because of that, this issue is a bit of a letdown, though it's setting the foundation for future issues. I expect things will pick up considerably next time around.

Grade: B+


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