Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Justice Society of America #52

It was about 26 issues ago that Geoff Johns ended his run as a writer for the Justice Society of America, and even though some talented writers have taken a shot at it, no one has been able to restore the team to its former heights.

It's a shame, because it's a book with limitless potential - and it's notably not on the list of the 52 "new" titles kicking off the upcoming DC reboot.

So is the team being sent back to Earth-2? Is it returning a little further down the line? Or is it being canceled?

A new approach is definitely needed. Writer Marc Guggenheim has two stories running through this issue, and neither one is particularly compelling. One concerns a mysterious gigantic door hidden below the city where the Flash (Jay Garrick) has become Mayor. (Honest!) The other story focuses on Mr. Terrific, who tries to solve the mystery behind his recent loss of intelligence.

Both stories are mostly annoying and neither one delivers a straight answer, although I'll give some credit to the story about the door for bringing in some beloved guest stars (although I thought one of the guests was dead).

The art by Tom Derenick is quite good and establishes the mood very well - but it can't overcome a lackluster story.

This is a team with an army of great heroes from the past and present to choose from - unlimited potential - but for two years now, the stories have been uninspired. The upcoming reboot offers a good chance to make a fresh start. Hopefully, DC will make the most of it.

Grade: C



Kyle said...

I've read very little of the latest JSA, but what I have read I liked... however, my favorite version of the JSA was Strazwski and Parobeck's in the 90's. It only lasted 10 issues, but they were fantastic. I have heard lots of rumours about the reasons for that cancellation but whatever it was, it was a shame and I was very sad to see it go.

Dwayne said...

I read somewhere that the characters from the "old" JSA will still be around, but the JL will be considered the first super-team in the new DCU. No more Justice Society, it'll be like they never existed.

Chuck said...

Kyle, that was one of my favorites, too. And I was a huge fan of Parobeck's art - sad that he passed so young.

Dwayne, that's what I was afraid of. DC always wanted Superman to be the first superhero, but they couldn't do that with the Golden Age heroes around. I'd almost prefer that they just re-establish Earth-2 and go back to occasional crossover stories. That would be better than just flushing the JSA completely.