Sunday, July 10, 2011

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2 (of 3)

According to rumors there's a future for this title - it's expected that it will be part of the upcoming Justice League Dark (or at least the characters will) - and that's fine by me, because this has been a very interesting title so far.

We continue to follow Shade the Changing Man, who may (or may not) be insane. He summons the members of the Secret Seven, but even that takes a strange and possibly deadly form (although by the end of the issue, you'll know who most of the Seven are - it didn't stay a secret for long).

The story by Peter Milligan takes us "backstage" with some of the Seven, and none of them seem too happy to be around Shade. Especially the ones he (apparently) killed.

It's an odd, rambling story that pays off with a shocking final page - but it's entertaining to see Shade bringing the "band back together."

Other than the (terrific) cover, the artwork isn't by George Perez this time around. Thankfully, the art by Fernando Blanco and Scott Koblish is quite good, with some stunning pages. I especially like the visualization of Shade's powers.

I'm looking forward to the wrap-up of this issue (and Flashpoint) and the (possible) future of the team as an offshoot of the JLA.

Grade: A-


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