Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flashpoint: Project Superman #2 (of 3)

This mini-series is answering the question raised by Flashpoint: what happened to Superman?

The answer is an interesting (if somewhat depressing) science fiction / alternate universe tale.

It seems that Kal-El's arrival on Earth was as part of a destructive rain of meteors that smashed into Metropolis.

The baby discovered inside Jor-El's rocket was taken to a secret research base where's he's being examined for his potential as a weapon.

There we see the conflict between those who would use the child and those who want to help him. It's a grim tale written by Scott Snyder, but there are glimmers of hope and lots of clever plot twists along the way.

I like the art by Gene Ha a lot. He has some unique ways to visualize Kal's super-powers and gives the entire story an feeling of menace and untamed power.

While the jury's still out on the whole Flashpoint event (your feelings will no doubt depend on how you feel about alternate reality-based stories), I'm certainly enjoying this particular corner of it.

Grade: A-


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